Blogs and Public Engagement

While the project does not have its own dedicated blog page, the team is active on both social media and the blogs of other projects in medieval studies. As the project progresses, we will share links to these external sites below.

  • ‘Learning French in Medieval England’: Introducing an Exciting New Project! A blog post for the University of Exeter’s Centre for Medieval Studies that provides an overview of the project to medievalists working in cognate disciplines, written by Edward Mills.
  • ‘Learning French in Medieval England’: The First Three Months. Edward’s first ‘update’ post for the Centre for Medieval Studies, as we take our first steps in transcription and encoding.
  • BBC Radio Devon. From BBC Sounds: Tom Hinton’s appearance on BBC Radio Devon in May 2020, where he discusses the Tretiz and medieval multilingualism more broadly. (The discussion with Tom begins at 2:34:30.)
  • LFIME on TVoF. A guest post by Tom Hinton on the blog for the ERC-funded research project, The Values of French in the European Middle Ages (TVoF).
  • Agile Rabbit. Tom Hinton presented on the Tretiz and French in medieval Britain as part of a series of public engagement talks. The event was live-streamed, and is now available to watch on Facebook Video, as well as on YouTube.